My name is Cynthia Skyers-Gordon-Gayle, and I have dedicated the last 16 years of my life working with children between the ages of infant through twelve. I have handled a variety of different positions while climbing the career ladder. My first position was an assistant teacher which quickly escalated to other teaching opportunities.
I then noticed a need to guide others towards providing quality care and giving children the most out of their education. With this thought I took on the role of a supervisor for two different child care facilities ranging in locations from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. I was also fortunate to experience a role as a Director for one of Atlanta Georgia's largest Child Care Organization. After returning to California I was offered an opportunity to work for a Head Start program as an Education Services Manager. The scope of responsibilities varied throughout these positions. I started out managing a center of twenty children, and last oversaw a capacity of 410 children with supervision of 40 staff.
Over the last sixteen years I have worked mainly with private organizations. Of those fifteen years, twelve years was with the Head Start Program. My expertise in the area of curriculum deals with High Scope and Creative Curriculum. I also carry knowledge of Reggio and the RIE curriculum. I feel I was born with a Knack to understand children on their level. This ability has helped me to guide so many little ones on a road to a brighter future.
While achieving many of my goals, I was fortunate enough to further my education receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Business with a minor/Management and Leadership along with a Master's in Education with a minor/Early Childhood Education.
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