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   Room Arrangements
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A preschool classroom room arrangement plays a significant role in a teachers day to day classroom management. A classroom should be set-up for learning reguardless of the curriculum in place. Children should have opportunites to make choices, come up with ideas, experiment, and take responsability for their work. In order for this to occur there should be distinct interest areas to support childrens on-going learning. Here are areas you would include in a well defined preschool classroom:
Examples of room arrangement floor plans are provided below
.Dramatic Play - This will be one of your largest areas of the classroom
.Block- Second largest areas of the classroom
.Quiet/Reading- Should be located in a secluded spot away from areas such as the block/dramatic
.Manipulative/Math - Both areas go hand in hand and should be placed together
.Science/Sensory Table- can be located near the manipulative
.Writing- Can be located near the science or quiet area
.Art - This is an area that should be placed by a sink
.Computer (optional) – Can be located near the writing center
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Classroom Floor Plans