Materials Needed:

.Variety of diffrent wrapping paper ( get from 99 cents store)
.2 Bags of plastic magnet letters
.2 Fishing pole ( make out of pointing stick, strong string, & magnet)
.1 Glue gun (needed to make fishing pole)

This activity works well if you have a two sided sensory table but if you don't you may utalize each one on diffrent weeks. The first one is a cutting activity. Put a variety of wrapping paper and scissors in the sensory table. Children can practice developing thier small motor skills by just randumly cutting or you may put specific items for them to cut.
The other side consist of magnetic letters that children will fish for. As children catch a letter encourage children to talk about what they caught, letter sound and object letter starts with.

Materials Needed:
.Variety of Fall items such as fall leaves, pumpkin real&fake, scare crow est.
. Variety of Food coloring
. Variety of family people, houses, cars, dogs, cats, est.

Again this works well if you have a two sided sensory table but if you don't split the item for two diffrent weeks. The first side is just a variety of diffrent fall items for children to explore and discuss. Items may include fall leaves, pumpkins real & fake, scare crow and anything else you may want to include.
Children love this activity because they get to utalize their sense of touch to explore fall items as well as their sense of sight to take in all the bright fall colors.

The seocnd part is the family sensory table. You first have to use food coloring to color rice of diffrent shades. After they are dried combine them all togather to make a rainbow of colors. You can then inlude all kinds of diffrent objects to represent the family. Children will enjoy exploring the color and texture of the rice as well as seaching for all the diffrent family members and naming them.
Directions Column # 19
Aphabet/Cutting Sensory Table
Fall/Family Sensory Table
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