Materials Needed:

.Hygiene cut outs of your choice
. Contact paper

You can draw these pieces or you can purchase premade pieces. organize items on a table in your classroom and contact pieces down on table for longer use. Children will gain knowledge about diffrent tools to support healthy hygiene.

Materials Needed:
.4 PVC pipe Connectors

Connect both pieces to make something that looks like a phone. Children will use this tool to speak words or sounds. Listening through the devise helps children to hear letter sounds more clear and support pronunciation.
Directions Column # 18
Hygiene Table
PVC Sound Pipe
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Materials Needed:

.1 Bag of Sea Shells
.1 Bag of cornmeal
.Variety of farm animals, tractor, barn, est.

This activity is set-up for a two diffrent type of sensory table. The first one is for the sea. All you have to do is incorperate sea shells and sea animals. Children can utalize their sense of touch and sight to explore. The second part is a farm. Combine cornmeal and farm animals and anything else that represent a farm. Children will be able to utalize their sense of touch to work with the cornmeal while learning to recognize/name farm animals.
Sea/Farm Sensory Table