Materials Needed:

.Variety of color construction paper
.Contact Paper

Cut a variety of diffrent shapes of your choice from diffrent color construction paper. Use a sharpie and write the names on each shape. Place the shapes on one of your tables in the classroom. Use contact paper to cover the shapes for longer use.
This activity helps children to recognize, name and count shapes.
Always remember to utalize your tables with-in the classroom to help make connections with your weekly themes.

Materials Needed:
.1 piece of butcher paper
.1 sharpie
.Variety of diffrent color crayons

Draw lines to represent a graph. List children names on the left of the paper. At the top write numbers 1-15. Children will then be encourage to count how many letters is in their name and color the amount of squares to represent the number counted.
This activity help support counting, name recognition & small motor development
Directions Column # 17
Shape Table
Name Graph
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Materials Needed:

.3 Egg cartons
.Variety color of paint
.Variety of Bottons
Cut egg carton into sections of three. Paint the inside diffrent colors. write numbers on the inside when dry. Children can use buttons to sort by color or count to match number on the inside.
Sorting/Counting/matching colors