Materials Needed:

.Variety of color construction paper (this will be used for the body,legs, & antannas
.Variety of small manipulatives ( children will use these pieces to decorate each circle)
.2 medium wiggly eyes
.1 Sharpie ( children will use to write number on each circle)
.Elmers Glue ( this will be used to put everything together)

Cut out circles from a variety of colors, cut the legs, & antannas from black construction paper, nose from red, and white circles for background of eye. Have children first write numbers on each circle and help children write the word for each number as well. Then have children decorate each circle with manipulative to match the number on the circle. They can then glue circles together followed by the legs, antennas, nose, and eyes. This is a great actviity to reinforce number recognition, counting and writing skills.

Materials Needed:
.1 Paper towel roll
.Glue gun
. Satin Material
.2 small cardboard cirlces

Take a paper towel roll and glue a small round piece of cardboard to cover one hole using glue gun. Then put a small amount of beans inside. Close the other hole with the second circle. Then wrap the product with a piece of Satin material. Then decoarete the ouside with buttons, straws & ribbons.
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Number Caterpillar
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