Materials Needed:
A sensory table with at least two sides (this is needed to always put two diffrent sensory item at a time)
Potting soil ( This is used as dirt)
Easter grass ( This is used for grass)
Gardening tools, fake flowers & small pots ( These will be put in with the potting soil)
Easter eggs, other easter objects to put in the eggs ( These will be put in with the easter grass)
of 2 Pieces any color construction paper ( These will be used for the sign to put infront of each item)
Clear Tape ( This is used to tape down sign from the sensory table)

1 Large piece of card board the size of the table your using ( This will be used as your puzzle boarder)
Box cutter ( This will be used to cut the shape of the mouth out and into puzzle pieces)
Sharpie ( This will be used to draw or trace the mouth of your size)
Red construction paper ( this will be used to glue on top of the carboard mouth)
White construction paper ( This will be used to make teeth)
Glue ( This is used to put everything together)

Materials Needed:

Any color poster board ( This will be used for the background)
Glitter Paint (This will be used to paint the children handprints)
Sharpie ( This will be used to trace the children handprint in the design of your choice)
A picture from a magazine of maybe someone talking
A cloud cut out ( This will be used to put what ever slogan you want)
Glue ( this is used to put everything together)
Contact paper ( this is used to cover the finished product for durability)
Scissors ( this is used to cut everything out)
Directions Column # 6
Hand Washing Chart
By: Cynthia Gayle
Spring Sensory Table Idea
Hygiene Mouth Puzzle
By: Cynthia Gayle
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