Variety color of poster boards ( These will be used for the background and the rules strips)
Variety of color Markers ( These will be used to write the diffrent rules made up with the children)
Crimped scissors ( These are great to cut your strip with to add a little decor)
Pictures ( These pictures can come off the internet or of your children doing the action. You would put the picture in places that represent an action such as playing, running, cleaning, yelling, listening, est.)
Glue ( this will be used to glue everything togather)
Contact paper ( Cover finished product for longer use)

Materials Needed:
Any color poster board ( This will be used for your background and a arrow that will be place in the middle)
Action pictures of the diffrent types of weather ( You can get these of the internet)
Crimped scissors ( use these to cut the pictues out to give a decor look)
Contact paper ( cover finshed porduct and arrow for longer use)
Glue ( this will be needed to put eveything togather)
Tack ( this will be used to hold the arrow in the middle of the board)

Materials Needed:
1 white poster board ( this is for durabilty of the strawberry)
1 strawberry stencil or just draw a strawberry to the size you like)
Scissors ( use these to cut the strawberry out)
Variety of colored tissue paper ( These will be cut into little squares where children can stick finger in the middle and wrap around finger.
Glue ( This is needed to glue each tissue paper on the strawberry)
This is a good activity for a small group to do. It help to build team work, creativity & small motor)
Directions Column # 5
"Classroom Rules"
By: Cynthia Gayle
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