Materials Needed:
Small trash can
1/2 yard of net or material for skirt
1/2 roll of yarn for the hair
1/2 yard of flower wall paper for the dress
Several sheets of colored foam paper
a pair of old glasses
3-4 buttons
all animals mentioned in book
Each child should be provided with an animal to ensure total group participation. As the book is read each child would come up and feed the old lady.

Materials Needed:
7 gallon milk jugs ( These are for the legs and the head)
3 or 4 soda cans and thick rubber bands ( You will use these for the arms)
2 medium shoe boxes ( these will be used for the feet)
Medium box for the body
Red and gray paint (use this for the foot and the body)
Diffrent color construction paper ( use this to make robot gadgets)
Glue Gun (this is needed to put eveything together
This is a great project to give children a visual of saving the earth (earth Day)
Directions Column # 4
"There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"
Recycle Robot
By: Cynthia Gayle
            Copyright © 2008, Cynthia Skyers-Gordon-Gayle, KidzExec™. All Rights Reserved
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