Materials Needed:
Large 3-fold board (once the hungry thing is complete, hot glue)
hungry thing to 3-fold board
2 yards of fleece fabric (this will be used to make the hungry thing)
Several sheets of colored foam paper
Wiggle eyes (Large one's)

Various color of felt paper (for food)
1 piece of poster board (glue felt food to poster boar, trace and cut out (this is used so the food is not easily ripped)
1large zip loc bag (This will serve as the throat where the food will go when the children feed the hungry thing)
This is a great phonics activity to teach children letter sounds.

Materials Needed:
1 large T.V. box, cut the front of the box out like a door (you can get this at any appliance store)
Cover the box with any color butcher paper of your choice
Variety of colored construction paper (this will be used to make shapes of any design you choose)
Glue shapes to box
Contact paper (this will be used to cover the box at it is done to make it durable)
1pillow/small blanket/teddy (put these inside to make it comfey)

Materials Needed:
1 small tube (you can get these at your local post office)
1 sock any color ( you will put this on the tube leaving one side of the tube open for the mouth)
Wiggle eyes and red foam paper for the tongue
Yarn of any color (use this for the hair) and 1 large pom-pom for the nose
This a great puppet to help children to communicate.
Directions Column # 3
"The Hungry Thing"
By: Jan Slepain & Ann Seidler
The Quiet Box
By: Cynthia Gayle
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