Plain 1/2 inch popsicle sticks (have children paint them diffrent colors)
Trace each animal in the book. (2-3 per child)
After tracing the animals, cut them out and color with crayons/markers
Glue each animal onto colored construction paper for boarder. Cut out and laminate.
After laminating, glue each animal to 1/2 inch popsicle sticks.

1 small box that will be used for your foundation (cut the square out on the front)
Green easter grass to cover the bottom of the box
1 Stem of fake leaves to represent a tree
Clay to make a volcano
Red foam paper to make red lava
Plastic dinosuars to display inside of the box
Any color butcher paper to cover the outside of the box
Clear Cellophane plastic to cover front view
Dinosaur Stickers to put on the outside of the box for decoration
Glue gun (This will be used to put everything together)

1 Large shoe box ( Cut a rectangle hole at the top)
Any color butcher paper (Use this to cover the box)
Variety of Pom-Poms or any decoration of your choice (use these to decorate the outside of the box)
Make a little pouch on the side of the box to hold small pieces of paper and a pencil.
When children make a good choices throughout the day, they may write thier name on a piece of paper and drop it in the box. At the end of the day they are recognized for their awsome choices while peers cheer them on.
Directions Column # 2
"Brown Brown Bear"
By: Eric Carle
Dinosaur Diorama
By: Cynthia Gayle
Good Choice Box
By: Cynthia Gayle
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