Materials Needed:
Pair of green socks ( One will remain empty while the other will be filled with stuffing)
Various colors of foam paper (This paper will be used to make the body of the caterpillar
Wiggle eyes
Various colors of poster board ( This will be used for the food that the caterpillar eats. Use poster boards to ensure strenght. Laminate food when finished so that it will not tear. Cut big holes in the center of each item of food big enough for a teachers arm to fit through.)
One piece of white poster board. (Cut it in the shape of a butterfly. Have the children help you paint the butterfly. Let them choose colors.)

Materials Needed:
1 medium box (this will be the main body of your diorama)
Variuos colors of construction papers (These will be used to make all the sea animals and sea plants)
Brown butcher paper (This will be used to cover the outside of the box)
Blue paint (This will be used to paint the inside of the box to look like the sea)
Plastic sea animals/rocks (These will be put inside on the bottom of the box)
Sea Shells (These will go on the outside of the box after you cover it with brown paper)
Glue Gun (This will be needed to put everything together)
Box Cutter (This will be needed to cut a hole at the top and front of the box
Clear Cellophane Paper ( This will be needed to cover the two holes on the box

Materials Needed:
Various colors of poster boards (These will be used to make keys and area cards)
12 o/z plastic soda bottle (This will be used to make a spin the bottle)
Paper towel roll ( This will be used to make an I spy tube)
Brown construction paper ( This will be used to make a hot potato)
Brown marker (This will be used to decorate your potato)
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